The LureMate ™ is the ultimate lure storage and protection system.

Treble hooks not only catch fish, but they have an uncanny ability to tangle with other lures even in the best organized tackle box. Hooks are sharp and dangerous, and can rust, making them weaker and blunt.


The LureMate ™ slips over the treble hooks on your lures, holding them securely against the lure body. LureMate ™s make your lures safer and easier to handle, stop them from tangling up in your tackle box, and the inbuilt zinc sacrificial anode also stops hooks rusting.

LureMate ™ Summary:
- Prevents lures from tangling
- Reduces painful hook jabs from dangling trebles
- Zinc inside gives anodic protection from rust
- Made to fit lures into the BoatMate ™ and RollMate ™ storage systems

The LureMate ™ comes in two configurations: the LureMate ™ Double, for lures with two treble hooks, and the LureMate ™ Triple, for lures with one or three treble hooks.

When installed on the lure, the LureMate ™ is designed to hold multiple hooks snugly and safely against the body of the lure. The outer plastic sleeve of the LureMate ™ is manufactured from high strength polyamide nylon, a tough and durable engineering plastic. The inner metal sleeve is crafted from pure soft zinc tube, providing anodic protection to any metal parts in contact with it. The elastic tether is a high quality braided ‘bungy cord’ material, and is salt and UV resistant. The LureMate ™ is constructed to give years of service with only minimal care.