LureMate are primarily designed to protect your hooks from rust and corrosion. With a built-in sacrificial annode that is encased in the plastic cylinders, LureMate will continue to protect your hooks over and over again. The long lasting elastic that joins the cylinders has been designed to last in harsh saltwater environments and test models that were developed in the early stages, 10 years ago, are still in use, with no apparent wear.
Unlike other hook protectors on the market, LureMate are the only ones that not only protect your hooks from causing possible injury, but also protect the hooks from rust and corrosion. LureMate do not take up any excess room in your tackle trays, are long lasting and can be re-used. With proper care and use, LureMate will help to keep your lures in top condition and make your fishing a lot more productive and enjoyable.

The LureMate products are available for lures carrying two treble and three treble hooks. Storage devices such as the RollMateTinnyMate and BoatMate are also available to use with the LureMate products.