Bi-Tron is a technology and formula that changes molecular structure to create positive ions that adhere to any metal surface. The Bi-Tron formula provides constant lubrication under even the most severe conditions and contains no solids to clog engine parts or reduce power. Put simply, with Bi-Tron engines run cooler, more smoothly and more efficiently.

Without exception every piece of machinery new or old can benefit from using this unique proven formula.

Bi-Tron is not an additive, but rather a supplement.

The Bi-Tron product range includes:

- EP20 Engine Treatment

- D110 Diesel Fuel Treatment

- P900 Petrol Fuel Treatment

- EP40 Power and Gear Train Formulation

- EP30 Penetrating Lubricant



EP20 Engine Treatment

Bitron EP20 Engine Treatment is a unique 100% pure petroleum-based metal treatment that is compatible with all motor oils, including synthetics. Bitron EP20 Engine Treatment is engineered specifically for the internal combustion engine (Petrol, Diesel, LPG) and should not be confused with ordinary additives witch have marginal benefits. It is a metal treatment that does not replace your engine’s oil. Bitron coats all metal surfaces with a protective layer of molecules. Without Bitron, within hours of turning your engine off, virtually no oil remains on engine parts. Bitron EP20 Engine Treatment helps protects your engine from wear, 90% of which occurs during cold starts in the first critical moments before the motor’s oil fully circulates. Unlike most oil additives and engine treatments, Bitron will not interfere with engineered tolerance and cannot adversely affect engine performance.Bitron reduces friction and wear and so will extend the life of your oil and improve its lubricating qualities. It uses the package of additives present in your own oil and so takes on the characteristics of whichever oil it is used with (synthetic or mineral), and is effective under the most sever operating conditions. It is non-corrosive, contains no plastic particles, PTFE resins (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene – Teflon), molybdenum disulphide, lead or any other metal.


D110 Diesel Fuel Treatment

Bitron D110 Diesel Fuel Treatment is a proprietary blend of lubricity additives, a multifunctional detergent and cetane improver. The product is formulated for use in all grades of diesel fuel. It is particularly recommended for use in low sulphur diesel where added lubricity is of paramount importance to protect the injectors.

Bi-Tron Diesel Fuel Conditioner is a complex combination of petro-chemicals which is designed to increase the lubricity and improve combustion of diesel fuels. It penetrates and removes carbon build-up, gums and sludge and lubricates the moving metal parts of both the fuel supply system and the engine’s top-end. The product is compatible with all types and grades of diesel fuel. Use of the Conditioner extends the life of the diesel engine and improves the efficiency of fuel combustion, thereby reducing fuel consumption.Bi-Tron Diesel Fuel Conditioner is a non-extractable and ashless conditioner which serves as a multi-functional lubricant, and conforms with EPA regulations when used in diesel fuel. It is non-corrosive and contains no solids.


P900 Petrol Fuel Treatment

Bitron P900 Petrol Power Treatment is a complex blend of petro-chemicals designed to oxygenate and improve the burn characteristics of the fuel (leaded and unleaded) regardless of octane rating. It is formulated with use in any petrol or alcohol powered engines (even propane and natural gas). The Petrol Power Treatment improves the fuel’s lubricity, coating all metal surfaces throughout the fuel system and upper engine with a protective layer, reducing friction and wear. Bitron P900 will coat the entire top-end (injectors, carburettors, spark plugs and valves) & fuel pumps with molecules, preventing the build-up of hydrocarbons and increasing engine life. It will even break down gums and varnishes, reducing existing carbon build-up and minimising pre-ignition and dieseling. In the fuel tank it will slow down degradation of fuels due to moisture build-up and fungal growth, and will in fact absorb moisture and prevent freeze-up.

The P900 can raise octane levels in fuel, for example a Pajero VR-X must run on a minimum 95 octane so you just fill with standard 91 and add 2ml / ltr of P900 to get the octane rating up to 95. Generally speaking 1ml P900 = 2 RON

EP40 Power & Gear Train Formulation

Bitron EP40 Powertrain & Gear Formulation is engineered to be compatible with gear oils such as Automatic Transmission Fluid, Mercon & Dexron as well as hydraulic fluids. It is designed to reduce friction in extreme pressure situations, contributing to a reduction in wear and tear and operating temperatures. Bitron EP40 Powertrain & Gear Formulation coats the metal with a protective layer of molecules. It will actually be attracted into areas of high wear because the extra friction creates extra heat and so extra negative charge, whereas conventional oil will run away from that area. The reduction in friction leads to less waste of energy (energy lost in the form of heat & noise). This means that more energy is free to pass through the drive train providing an improvement in horsepower or power output at the wheels.Bitron EP40 Powertrain & Gear Formulation is probably one of the more versatile products in the Bitron family. Its uniquely engineered pure hydrocarbon base makes it completely compatible with a wide range of different gear & bearing oils as well as hydraulic & cutting fluids.


EP 30 Penetrating Lubricant

Bitron EP30 Penetrating Lubricant is a blended formula containing Bitron’s unique polymer technology. The product has no equal in the world whenever rust, corrosion or drag is a factor. EP30 not only penetrates through extreme rust and corrosion, but treats the metal surface with a layer of molecules to reduce friction and wear and to help retard future corrosion. EP30 offers a number of benefits including:

• Fast penetration

• Breaks down & prevents rust and corrosion

• Lubricates as it penetrates

• Cleans & retards electrical corrosion

• Resistant to most acids and caustics

• Displaces water

• Significantly improves cutting fluid performace

• Speeds up drilling and tapping

• Keeps cutting edges sharper longer

Bitron EP30 Penetrating Lubricant is a scientifically blended formula containing the unique Bitron metal treatment which coats and protects metal with a layer of molecules. This product has no equal in the world whenever rust, corrosion or drag is a factor. Bitron EP30 Penetrating Lubricant not only penetrates through extreme rust and corrosion it also treats the metal surface with a layer of molecules to reduce friction and wear and retard future corrosion. The product differs from others in that the oil will actively seek out metal to treat. Use of this product provides for a long-lasting smooth operation of metal mechanisms.

The application and benefit range is huge. It can be used for the simplest home needs or the most challenging industrial application. Bitron EP30 Penetrating Lubricant is highly recommended for general machine shop work, drilling and tapping. It is ideal for agricultural machinery as it does not collect dust.


ENERGY : Fuel efficiency may be increased by as much as 20% or more.


SAFETY : Greater safety while driving for you and your family.


ENVIRONMENT : Exhaust emissions may be reduced by as much as 90%.



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